About Us

VAR Magazine is a representation of fashion photography as a true art form rather than a commercial catalog. In other fashion based magazines, take out the quirky beauty articles, cute animations and consumer based pitches and one can see the photography for exactly what it is: art. VAR Magazine portrays this artwork in a sense and manner that is raw, pure, and therefore unorthodox to the rest of the fashion and art world. It is VAR’s purpose to show that the two are interconnected and married to one another; it is about the art in the imagery: the photography and everything else combined is like a painting. VAR is our vision for those who appreciate art and the artistic aspect of fashion photography.

The magazine also features editorial work on the traditional art, painters, and the like. In addition, it covers other aspects of like-minded art, such as our audience’s trending interests in things such as music and events. It encompasses artistic photography ranging from traditional fashion shoots, photo stories, aesthetic tattoo photos, and artistic nude photography. The nudes are not coy; they are bold, confident, shocking, and utilized in an artistic manner that complements the photo as a whole. They are examples of where art is moving; perhaps even downright smut, but the art-house dictates the scene. Again that is the vision and goal of VAR: to revitalize photography as a true art form with emphasis on fashion photography and the aesthetics of the big picture.