Submission Guidelines

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE EXCLUSIVE WORK that isn’t published anywhere in the world, in any format, and with any media. Full credits must be included in order for the set to be considered for any publishing.

Rare Cases:

In the rare event that a submission is accepted and already on a website or any social media profile, the images can not be more than 7 days old.
– Any material that has more than 2 photos already posted on social media will not be accepted, no matter how new it is.
– The description of the posted photos must be changed to include VAR magazine using the #varmagazine hashtag, VAR magazine’s congruent profile information, and a tag(if available) on all images from the accepted set.

Accepted Material:

Any accepted submissions must be re-sent in high resolution images for the website or for print. Images must be 300dpi and 8.5×11 – 11×8.5 or larger for the website or print.

Any email conversation detailing the acceptance and usage of the photos is, in itself, a binding agreement for usage. If the magazine plans on using the set for print, a Print Usage Agreement will be sent which must be signed, and returned, within 5 business days.

VAR magazine reserves the right to immediately post a maximum of 2 images from the set on social media.
Those images are the only images that can be posted on any other social media accounts, including the aforementioned tags, etc.

Additional Information:

It is recommended that any submissions be compared to previously published content. If the submission doesn’t fit the style of the magazine, it likely will not be accepted.
VAR is about traditional high end fashion, non-traditional avant guarde fashion, artful nude, and traditional art (i.e. painting, sculpting, contemporary, etc.) Themed, outdoor, and beauty shoots are not likely to be accepted.

Please consider the mood of the magazine before submitting material. Download examples of already accepted and published material.