Old Hollywood by Tyler Shields

Photographer Tyler Shields

Model Chelsea Debo

We are all aware of the feeling we get when we hear a word, or words, that provokes great intrigue. The name Tyler Shields does just that.

Known for his distinctive conceptual style, Award-Winning photographer Tyler Shields is the definition of unique beauty. He challenges his subjects and venues, and forces his viewers to see things they think they know in a completely new way. The composition of his images, expertly executed with a natural breath of life about them.

In this VAR exclusive, Hollywood Hills as the only notable backdrop, Tyler captures a perfect representation of the Hollywood standard with model Chelsea Debo baring all while walking the dog in her high heels. In the rest of the series, Tyler places Chelsea in various lighting, makeup, and props in a sequence of head-shots that display the many faces of an artist.

Tearfully heavy black eye makeup and spotlight lighting give us a sense of loneliness and despair, while bright even lighting and a playful pose show us a bright, youthful side. Chelsea holds the vintage camera in filming position, cigarette in mouth, oozing a sense of coolness and professionalism, while reminding us of the Old Hollywood way of business.

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