Foie Gras

Photographer Lauren Luck

Model Ffoie Gras

Wardrobe Leather pieces: Aoi Kotsuhiroi, Choker: CREEPYYEHA

This place… she haunts it like an angel, a faceless form invading each crack. She uses it like a whore, invading its secret places. There used to be innocence here, with bedtime stories and happy endings, but now it’s all cobwebs and memories. Once upon a time, there was so much promise and potential, but now she only has regret to look forward to. Wickedness is all that remains. She is trapped here, cursed to wander the halls in a ritual of self-mourning. She tries to become herself once more, but it is all a blur, and she can’t quite recall who that girl used to be, what she used to love. Now she screams and weeps for her fate, but is powerless to change. She is the product of her surroundings, her future defined by her past. There is no way out, and she will remain here until she is just like the wallpaper, unmoving and slowly fading away.

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