Margaux by Matt

Photographer Matt Colombo

Model Margaux Brooke

Makeup Jeremy Kaikala

Wardrobe 1. Vintage Lace Bolero/ Black Dress Pants: Blank Studio Showroom - Latex Gloves: the Stockroom - Vintage Hat: Stylist's Own - 2. Beaded Top: Blank Studio Showroom - Pleated Pants: Stylist's Own 3. Black Dress: Michelle Salins - Latex Leggings: the Stockroom - Shoes: Blank Studio Showroom - 4. Headpiece: Miss G Designs - Vintage Lace Jacket: Blank Studio Showroom - Pleated Pants: Stylist's Own - 5. Black Sleeveless Dress: Stylist's Own - Latex Gloves/ Leggings/ Harness: the Stockroom - 6. Vintage Fur Coat: Stylist's Own - 7. Silver Dress: Jen Awad - Shoes: Stylist's Own

Style Victor Jonas, James Juarez

This stark style photography is softened by waves between a fluid-fitted wardrobe and the surrounding wax-poetic dusty knickknacks. This series of flip-book like images have the viewer playing a mental hopscotch between bare leather and tits.

Juxtaposed throughout the shoot is a sort of busy silenced backdrop of personal effects and complementary pallets. It’s a version of L.A. that can only be accessed from memory. One by one like notches on a gun we mark the place of first impression and sift through the details.

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