Hattie Watson

Photographer Isaac Torres

Model Hattie Watson

Wardrobe Ends/Wealth Corp

R1 01057 003A

Our own Hattie Watson meets pseudo-noir photographer Isaac Torres for a silverscreen inspired shoot. The shots are meant to continue the blitzkrieg flashbulb series for Ends/Wealth Corp Apparel. Torres is well-known for his cinema-inspired style and set out to create this week’s Love vs. Death theme. He designs the shoot centering around the skull and black roses extrapolating on the dark passion the scene evokes. The Native American headress, Torres remarks, is artfully included in the scene to interweave the shoot’s theme with the launch of the apparelmaker’s American Indian Chief print design. Of course Torres can’t stop here, and gets the idea to include a classic Delorean or the car made famous by Spielberg’s Back to the Future blockbuster movie series where it is featured as the signature time-traveling plot device. He says he was just looking for a stronger impact. We say, “wish granted.” Sparklers finish off the scene putting the final nail in this ooh-ahh mystery drama.

Hattie Ends/Wealth Corp

Hattie Watson Delorean

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