Veronika Istomina by Tony Ellis

Photographer Tony Ellis

Model Veronika Istomina at Wilhelmina Models

Makeup Amanda Wilson

Hair Kelsey Olafson

Style Soukena Jean Jacques

Tony Ellis captures his subject in full, gathering all the content available and making it work; with Veronika Istomina as his sidekick, we are presented with an impeccable juxtaposition of 90’s rap and grunge against today’s sexiest lingerie and one-piece bathing suits. Borne in ripped blue jeans, a sheer halter dress and cornrows, she poses tastefully on the streets of New York City. Veronika really exhibits her diversity as model, easily transitioning to a seductive unkempt bun and creamy white one piece. Paired with a knit cardigan or black leather jacket, Tony grasps the ease with which Veronika wears the bathing suit.

Tony is a fashion and portrait photographer in NYC who has worked with a huge number of models to produce stunning portraits, and now he comes together with Veronika, a Russian model and student, to exemplify both artists at their work in this beautiful set.

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