The Ongoing Affair Between Polaroids and Fashion

Photographer Danny Michel, Rich Burroughs

Model Roarie Yum, Mandy Murphy, Jennifer Sullins

The Polaroid instant use camera was a revolutionary technology at naissance, allowing us to capture a moment then review ourselves while still in the throws of the emotion photographed. The Polaroid was, in it’s archaic way, our first digital camera, a vehicle of instant gratification with pictures developed at a never before experienced speed. With push-button simplicity, it quickly dominated and enthralled the market at its peak. Now, it’s been over sixty years since the first Polaroid camera was debuted for commercial sale and decades since its heyday in the 70s and early 80s. The 90s saw the evaporation of the Polaroid camera from mass use with advent of newer and faster technologies. Society and film brands alike turned its back on Polaroids to focus instead on digital cameras and memory cards. We forgot the fun of the instant camera as emerging technology became even more instant, with picture review available within nanoseconds.

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