The Vintage Fashion Scene

Photographer Rebecca Handler

Makeup MandyJo Reiner

Hair Akira Yamane

Art director Chrissy Reilly

Style Tiffany Porter

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To call something vintage is to say that it is an- tique or old-fashioned — nicely. So why would any fashionista be interested in wearing yester- day’s looks and scouring the consignment shops for what used to be someone’s must-have ‘80s- era ruffled denim skirt? If Lycra one-pieces were horrendous before, why would they be fantastic 60 years after the fact? The vintage fashion scene can be pretty tricky, but if you want to keep your look fresh you are going to have to get into it… because what is fashion, if not a bunch of looks that are constantly recycled?

At least, that is what stylist and Old Hollywood owner Tiff Porter says. I had the chance to speak with her recently, during some down time when she wasn’t busy tending shop from her Broome Street store in Manhattan, or the second location in Brooklyn. Old Hollywood specializes in vin- tage fashion and accessories from all eras, which as I’ve learned, means their fashions are always in style.

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