La Factory de jitrois Fall/Winter 17/18

Jitrois’ Autumn/Winter 17/18 collection is an evolutionary step for the iconic leather brand. This season, Creative Director, Jean-Claude Jitrois merges the classic style of Jitrois with the experimental, loud and daring direction of the modern-day creative scene.

The hedonistic period of the 80’s and the crazy New York club scene inspired the collection. Each piece of this collection reflects the loud, proud and attention-grabbing ethics of this period. Moving into a social orientated world, this collection will stand out as opposed to shy away.

The beginnings of Jitrois in the 80’s resonate throughout the collection; the iconic leather and classic lines remain, but alterations to signature styles add a heightened sensuality to the collection such as the new “ritz” jean, a take on the classic “skin jean” – the high waist in the back and plunging forward emphasize the women’s curves and sculpt the unique contours of the wearer’s body. The signature ‘Castel’ dress has been embellished with a large 80’s style belt – an emblem of the vivacious hedonists.

Through this collection, Jean-Claude encourages boldness, assertiveness and sensuality. Dresses and jackets have been fitted with a wave-like movement of crystals and stud application, and our signature ‘minoray’ technique has been reinvented in order to emphasize the body’s movements.The signature Jitrois zipper has been reinterpreted with delicate metallic embroideries to enlarge the zip, creating an illusionary symmetrical dress.

Jean Claude’s presentation reveals his own adaptation of ‘la factory’. This vision has been realized by a collaboration of fashion, film, imagery and sound. The studio is designed to be seen, touched, sensed and experienced. Corpus Studios, the set designers for the presentation, captured the notion of identity through minimalism, brutalism and the use of mirrors.

The presentation of the season’s looks in collage form subverts the traditional. The models and the imagery are contemporary, seductive and confident. Jean-Claude’s history as a professor in psychology resonate throughout this Louise Bourgeois inspired idea, which seeks to engage attendees with the multiple layers of their true identity. In this way, the presentation encourages the acceptance of individuality and releasing the inner-self.

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