From the Past Come Our Selves

Photographer Tom Hoops

Model Eric

Dark, emotive, captivating, pure. 4 words to describe this work by Tom Hoops. Through the black and white seep the colors of life. Tom puts on display the intense emotions felt every day; love, lust, depression, hate. His ability to capture the inner is truly unique, and his subtle backdrops bring the focus to the face of his subjects, forcing you to review the emotions in their eyes as well as your own. They reach into your soul and massage your heartstrings; a somber chord is struck.

The story in these portraits speak of a man who has lived a rough life, his body emaciated, eyes sad and downcast, ponderous… A huge contrast from the world that advertising would have us see. These images speak as a reminder that life isn’t all sunshine and roses; a glimpse into the past, the future and ourselves. “Life is hard. After all, it kills you.” – Katharine Hepburn

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