To Hell with the Subtlety

Photographer Marco Leonardi

Model Inga

Makeup Silvia Frigerio

Marco Leonardi exquisitely captures Inga’s brazen and unapologetic quirkiness and immortalizes her contagious care-free attitude. He encapsulates her charisma by the use of a monochrome and mono-textured back drops, emphasizing her zest for the moment which works harmoniously with her untamed beauty, splash of bright colored garments, and creates balance between the positive and negative spaces.

The low-level filters produce a vintage texture and highlights the nearly tangible rawness of her demeanor and physique. As orchestrated by Leonardi, Inga undoubtedly stands out; however her disposition and aura go in tandem with the setting, as she never seems “out of place.” Au contraire, her visage and disposition tells us that she feels right at home. Leonardi’s work resonates a certain nostalgia and yearning for the wilderness of youth, where there can very little room for subtlety.

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