Tim Muddiman and The Strange – Your Drugs

“Your Drugs” initial US debut from Tim Muddiman and The Strange, exclusively on VAR.

The song and video is written in third person. Third person speaking to a human spirit. A spirit of addiction to heightened senses , visuals , music , love, money, thrill, superiority and divine freedom.
The song is not glamourising drugs as the title may suggest neither is it morally sending a message to PUT DOWN DRUGS.  If there is a message then it is to bypass addictions and not hide away from being a human and to allow love of people, art , music and anything that fires the spirit to positive effect rule life.  
Tim is openly inspired by Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, modern culture and the spirit of humans. The movement and dance are the spirits dancing in the fire of life and looking it straight in the eyes and letting that spirit free to live life.
The song is written and produced by Tim and the video is directed by Tim and Adam Fitch.
The band have had a great year with this being their third single release and Tim is in the studio producing the album that will see a release in March 2016 via a Pledge Music Campaign.. Plans for the second album are already underway.
Live reviews of the band have been fantastic and the energy and infectious melodies have seen them play at the 100 club and Kentish Forum. Pretty good for a band only going 11 months. 

The spirit and commitment to music and creativity has firmly began it’s journey.

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